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International Food Brokers  

Cibs Hellas Ltd

 Since 1985

International Food Brokers  

Cibs Hellas Ltd

 Since 1985

Worldwide sourcing and supply of preserved fruits and vegetables

Canned fruits for the retail and catering markets
Tomato products for the Food Industry
canned and frozen

Our Company

Cibs Hellas Ltd, founded in 1985, works in the food brokerage field, dealing with preserved fruits and vegetable, throughout the globe.

Together with our partner companies ASI srl in Piacenza - Italy and ASI Iberica in Badajoz - Spain, we supply major European and Overseas retailers, importers and food industries.

Our sourcing, from accredited and certified factories around the world, is focused on the specific needs of each customer.


ASI MED International Food Brokers

Worldwide sourcing and supply of preserved fruits and vegetables

The Company

Established in 1975, ASI srl operates in the food brokerage field, dealing mainly with preserved fruits and vegetables throughout the globe.

When requested by clients or exceptionally for some products, Asi imports or exports the goods, looking after all the supply chain.

ASI is involved also in the supply of packaging for raw materials and second hand equipment for the food industries.

The Mission – The ASI Formula
We call it the “ASI Formula”:

BEFORE - being constantly INFORMED in advance about the real market trends and demands

DURING - being continuously IN TOUCH with the Production/Logistics/QC departments, supporting them in all the relevant issues

AFTER – being SURE that both manufacturers and final customers have completely satisfied their own needs

Our Network
Every branch for a Food District


Med as the Mediterranean Sea, Med as the Mediterranean Diet

ASI Med was established to provide ASI customers with local professional support in the Southern Italian districts of food and raw materials.

ASI Med supports Pasta Producers, Durum and Soft Wheat Mills, Tomatoes and Derivatives Manufacturers, Toppings Industry, and their Customers worldwide.

Through the global ASI Network and in compliance with the ASI Formula, ASI Med assists their clients in the whole process, from the commercial negotiation to product production and order execution.

Contact details :

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+39 347 5648818
ASI Med srl
c.da Fontanelle, 66 82100 Benevento, Italy

Cibs Hellas Ltd

Thessaloniki, Greece

ASI Iberica

Badajoz, Spain

ASI srl

Piacenza, Italy



Supplying the Food Industry

We supply semi finished and industrial raw materials to the food industries, assuring that latest certifications and quality requirements are followed by our production facilities.

Our day to day contact with some of the biggest food players around the world, permit us to offer both to our customers and suppliers, valuable market overviews,, innovative product developments, customized services and competitive quotations.


Supplying the retail and catering markets

We supply some of the major retail and catering accounts in Europe with private label products.

Our brand DALIA is also available for smaller accounts and new market developments.